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cake pronunciación
1 a solid food made by baking a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, sugar, etc.
2 an individually baked portion of this food.
3 a portion of some other food pressed into a particular shape fish cake .
4 a solid block of a particular substance, eg soap, chocolate, etc.
verb (caked , caking )
1 intr to dry as a thick hard crust.
2 to cover in a thick crust skin caked with blood .
[13c: from Norse kaka ]
have one's cake and eat it colloq to enjoy the advantages of two alternative, but mutually exclusive, courses of action.
a piece of cake colloq a very easy task.
sell or go like hot cakes colloq to be bought enthusiastically in large numbers.

También tienes: quake
noun , slang the mouth.

1 a prancing march with intricate improvised steps originally performed by Black Americans as part of a competition.
2 a dance developed from this.
3 colloq something accomplished with extreme ease.
verb , intr
1 to perform a cakewalk.
2 to accomplish something with extreme ease.
[19c: so called because the dance was originally performed for the prize of a cake]

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