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BY pronunciación
abbreviation , IVR Belarus.

by pronunciación
1 next to, beside or near standing by the door .
2 past I'll drive by the house .
3 through, along or across enter by the window .
4 (especially after a passive verb) used to indicate the person or thing that does, causes or produces, etc something He was bitten by a dog destroyed by fire .
5 used to show method or means travel by air sent by registered post .
6 not later than Be home by 10pm .
7 during escape by night .
8 used to show extent or amount bigger by six feet The price fell by £2 worse by far .
9 used in stating rates of payment, etc paid by the hour .
10 according to It's 8.15 by my watch By my calculation, we're overdrawn .
11 used to show the part of someone or something held, taken or used, etc grabbed her by the throat pulling me by the hand .
12 used to show the number which must perform a mathematical operation on another divide six by two multiply three by four .
13 used in giving measurements and compass directions, etc a room measuring six feet by ten north-north-east by north .
14 used to show a specific quantity or unit, etc that follows another to bring about an increase or progression step by step little by little two by two .
15 with regard to someone or something do his duty by them .
16 in oaths, etc: in the name of, or strictly -with the witness of- or -in the presence of- (a specified deity, thing or person) I swear by all that's holy By God, you're right!
17 fathered or sired by two children by her first husband .
1 near live close by .
2 past drive by without stopping .
3 aside; away; in reserve put money by .
4 chiefly N Am to or at one's or someone's home, etc Come by for a drink later said he'd stop by after work .
noun (byes ) same as bye1.
[Anglo-Saxon be or bi ]
by and by rather literary or old use after a short time; at some time in the not-too-distant future.
by and large generally; all things considered
[17c: originally a nautical expression, used in reference to a ship sailing both by (ie into the wind) and large (ie with the wind)].
by itself see itself.
by oneself
1 alone Sit by yourself over there .
2 without anyone else's help can't do it by myself .
by the by or by the bye or by the way colloq while I think of it; incidentally.

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