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bus pronunciación
noun (buses or (chiefly US) busses )
1 a road vehicle, usually a large one, which carries passengers to and from established stopping points along a fixed route for payment. Originally called omnibus. See also double-decker, minibus.
2 colloq a car or aeroplane, especially one which is old and shaky.
3 comput a set of electrical conductors that form a channel or path along which data (in the form of digital signals) may be transmitted to and from all the main components of a computer.
verb (buses or busses , bused or bussed , busing or bussing )
1 (also bus it) intr to go by bus.
2 esp US to transport (children) by bus to a school in a different area, as a way of promoting racial integration.
3 N Am in a restaurant, etc: to clear away (dirty dishes) from tables, replace items, etc and help the waiting staff. See also bus-boy.
[19c: short for omnibus]
miss the bus to lose an opportunity.

bus conductor
noun , esp formerly a person whose job is to collect the fares from passengers on a bus, and to give out tickets.

bus lane
noun a traffic lane chiefly for the use of buses, either for all or a specified part of the day.

bus shelter
noun an open-sided structure at a bus stop, that gives people waiting for a bus some protection against the weather.

bus stop
1 a stopping place for a bus, where passengers may board or alight from a bus.
2 a post or sign marking such a place.

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