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business pronunciación
1 the buying and selling of goods and services. Also called commerce, trade.
2 a shop, firm or commercial company, etc.
3 a regular occupation, trade or profession.
4 the things that are one's proper or rightful concern mind your own business .
5 serious work or activity get down to business .
6 an affair or matter a nasty business .
7 colloq a difficult or complicated problem; a bother or nuisance.
8 (the business) slang exactly what is required; the perfect thing or person, etc for the job.
9 commercial practice or policy Prompt invoicing is good business .
10 economic or commercial dealings, activity, custom or contact I have some business with his company .
11 the quantity or level of commercial activity Business is very poor this quarter .
12 (also stage business) theat action on stage, as distinguished from dialogue.
[Anglo-Saxon in the form bisignes meaning -busyness-, from bisig busy]
go out of business to cease functioning as a business; to fold or go bankrupt.
make it one's business to do something to take a personal interest in or responsibility for doing it, or for seeing that it is done.
on business said of a person: in the process of doing business or something official.
send someone about their business to dismiss them or send them away abruptly.

business card
noun a card handed out by a businessman or businesswoman, showing their name and contact details, etc.

business class
noun on an aeroplane, etc: club class.

business end
noun , colloq (esp the business end of something) the part (of a tool or weapon, etc) which does the actual work that the item is intended for waving the business end of his knife at me .

business park
noun an area, usually on the edge of a town, especially designed to accommodate business offices and light industry.

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