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bus-boy or bus-girl
noun , N Am a person who buses ( verb 3); an assistant waiter or waitress.

noun (busbies )
1 a tall fur hat with a bag hanging on its right side, worn as part of some military uniforms, especially that of the hussar.
2 colloq a bearskin (sense 2).
[18c in the obsolete sense -a large bushy wig-]

bush pronunciación 1
noun (bushes )
1 a low woody perennial plant, especially one having many separate branches originating at or near ground level. See also shrub1.
2 (usu the bush) wild uncultivated land covered with shrubs or small trees, and ranging from open countryside to forest, especially in semi-arid regions of Africa, Australia or New Zealand.
3 something like a bush, especially in thickness, shape or density a bush of hair .
[13c: from Norse buskr ; some uses are from Dutch bosch ]
beat about the bush see under beat.
go bush Aust & NZ colloq
1 to go off into the bush.
2 to leave town or one's usual haunts; to disappear.
3 to abandon civilized life, or start living rough.

bush pronunciación 2
noun (bushes ) a sheet of thin metal lining a cylinder in which an axle revolves.
verb (bushes , bushed , bushing ) to provide (eg a bearing) with a bush.
[16c: from Dutch bussche box]

bush shirt or bush jacket
noun a light cotton jacket with four pockets and a belt.

bush telegraph
noun , chiefly Brit, humorous the rapid spreading of information, rumours, etc, usually by word of mouth.

noun an agile nocturnal primate of sub-Saharan Africa with thick fur, large eyes and ears, a long tail and long hind legs.
[Early 20c]

adjective , colloq
1 extremely tired.
2 Aust & NZ lost in the bush, or as if in the bush; bewildered.

1 in the imperial system: a unit for measuring dry or liquid goods (especially grains, potatoes or fruit) by volume, equal to 8 gallons or 36.4 litres in the UK (35.2 litres in the USA).
2 a container with this capacity.
3 colloq, esp US a large amount or number.
[14c: from French boissiel ]
hide one's light under a bushel to keep one's talents or good qualities hidden from other people.

noun , esp Aust & NZ a fire in forest or scrub.

bushily and bushiness see under bushy

1 Aust & NZ someone who lives or travels in the bush.
2 (Bushman) a member of an almost extinct, small-statured, aboriginal race of nomadic huntsmen in S Africa.
3 (Bushman) any of the languages spoken by the Bushmen.
[18c in sense 2: from Afrikaans boschjesman ]

noun the meat of wild animals, especially apes, eaten by humans.

1 Aust, hist an outlaw or escaped convict living in the bush.
2 N Am a backwoodsman; someone who lives far from civilization.

noun , S Afr veld made up largely of woodland.

bushwalk Aust & NZ
verb , intr to walk or hike through the bush as a leisure activity.
noun a walk through the bush.
bushwalker noun .
bushwalking noun .

1 orig & esp N Am to ambush someone, usually in rough country.
2 intr , N Am, Aust, etc to travel through woods or bush, especially by clearing a way through it.
3 intr , N Am to fight in guerrilla warfare in bush country.
4 intr , Aust & NZ to work in the bush, especially as an unskilled labourer felling trees, etc.
[19c: back-formation from bushwhacker]
bushwhacking noun .

1 N Am a guerrilla fighter.
2 N Am, Aust, etc someone who lives or travels in bush country.
3 Aust colloq a country bumpkin or backwoodsman.
[19c, literally -someone who chops down (or whacks) the bush-]

adjective (bushier , bushiest )
1 covered with bush or bushes.
2 said of hair, etc: thick and spreading.
[14c: from bush1]
bushily adverb .
bushiness noun .

busier, busies, busiest and busily see under busy

business pronunciación
1 the buying and selling of goods and services. Also called commerce, trade.
2 a shop, firm or commercial company, etc.
3 a regular occupation, trade or profession.
4 the things that are one's proper or rightful concern mind your own business .
5 serious work or activity get down to business .
6 an affair or matter a nasty business .
7 colloq a difficult or complicated problem; a bother or nuisance.
8 (the business) slang exactly what is required; the perfect thing or person, etc for the job.
9 commercial practice or policy Prompt invoicing is good business .
10 economic or commercial dealings, activity, custom or contact I have some business with his company .
11 the quantity or level of commercial activity Business is very poor this quarter .
12 (also stage business) theat action on stage, as distinguished from dialogue.
[Anglo-Saxon in the form bisignes meaning -busyness-, from bisig busy]
go out of business to cease functioning as a business; to fold or go bankrupt.
make it one's business to do something to take a personal interest in or responsibility for doing it, or for seeing that it is done.
on business said of a person: in the process of doing business or something official.
send someone about their business to dismiss them or send them away abruptly.

business card
noun a card handed out by a businessman or businesswoman, showing their name and contact details, etc.

business class
noun on an aeroplane, etc: club class.

business end
noun , colloq (esp the business end of something) the part (of a tool or weapon, etc) which does the actual work that the item is intended for waving the business end of his knife at me .

business park
noun an area, usually on the edge of a town, especially designed to accommodate business offices and light industry.

business plan
noun a plan laying out the objectives of a proposed business venture, its financial strategy, the products or service to be produced or supplied, and the estimated market, turnover, profits, return for investors, etc.

business studies
plural noun the study of economic, financial and managerial matters, especially as part of a school, college or university course.

adjective practical and efficient; methodical.

businessman or businesswoman
noun a man or woman working in trade or commerce, especially at quite a senior level.

verb (busked , busking ) intr , chiefly Brit to sing, play music, etc in the street for money.
busker noun someone who performs in the street for money.
busking noun .


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