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noun (bullies ) a person who hurts, frightens or torments weaker or smaller people.
verb (bullies , bullied , bullying )
1 to act like a bully towards someone; to threaten or persecute them.
2 (usu bully someone into something) to force them to do something they do not want to do.
adjective , interjection , dated colloq excellent; very good.
[16c, originally meaning -sweetheart-, but by the 18c -ruffian- or bully boy: from Dutch boele lover]
bullying noun .
bully for you! colloq, now usually ironic good for you! well done!

bully2 or bully beef
noun especially in the armed services: corned beef; tinned or pickled beef.
[18c: from French bouilli boiled beef]

verb (bullies , bullied , bullying ) intr (usu bully off) hockey to begin or restart a game by performing a bully or bully-off, a move involving hitting one's stick three times against an opponent's before going for the ball.

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