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buck pronunciación 1
noun (bucks or in senses 1 and 2 only buck )
1 a male animal, especially a male deer, goat, antelope, rabbit, hare or kangaroo. Compare doe.
2 (esp in compounds ) an antelope water buck .
3 an act of bucking The horse gave a huge buck .
4 old use a lively fashionably-dressed young man.
verb (bucked , bucking )
1 intr said of a horse, etc: to make a series of rapid jumps into the air, with the back arched and legs held stiff, especially in an attempt to throw off a rider.
2 said of a horse, etc: to throw (a rider) from its back in this way.
3 colloq to oppose or resist (an idea or trend, etc).
[Anglo-Saxon buc or bucca]
bucker noun .
buck up colloq
1 to become more cheerful.
2 to hurry up.
buck someone up colloq to make them more cheerful.
buck something up colloq to improve or liven up (one's ways or ideas, etc).

buck pronunciación 2
noun , colloq
1 N Am, Aust, NZ, etc a dollar.
2 S Afr a rand.
[19c: perhaps from buckskin, because deerskins were formerly used as a unit of exchange by Native Americans and frontiersmen in the US]
make a fast or quick buck to make money quickly or easily, and often dishonestly.

buck pronunciación 3
1 cards
a in the game of poker: a token object placed before the person who is to deal the next hand;
b a counter or marker.
2 colloq responsibility, especially that of dealing with a problem.
[19c, from buckhorn knife , an item which used to be used as a buck in poker]
pass the buck colloq to shift the responsibility for something onto someone else.
the buck stops here colloq this is where the final responsibility rests.

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