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buck pronunciación 3
1 cards
a in the game of poker: a token object placed before the person who is to deal the next hand;
b a counter or marker.
2 colloq responsibility, especially that of dealing with a problem.
[19c, from buckhorn knife , an item which used to be used as a buck in poker]
pass the buck colloq to shift the responsibility for something onto someone else.
the buck stops here colloq this is where the final responsibility rests.

buck naked
adjective , US colloq stark naked.

buck passing
noun , derog colloq the practice or habit of passing the responsibility for something onto another person. See pass the buck at buck3.

Buck's fizz or buck's fizz
noun a drink consisting of champagne, or sparkling white wine, and orange juice.
[1930s: named after Buck's Club, in London]

adjective , Brit colloq pleased and encouraged I'm so bucked by your news .

bucket pronunciación
1 a round open-topped container for holding or carrying liquids and solids such as sand, etc.
2 a bucketful need about two buckets of water .
3 colloq a rubbish-bin or wastepaper basket.
4 Aust colloq an icecream tub.
5 comput the amount of data which may be transferred from a backing store in one operation.
6 the scoop of a dredging machine.
verb (bucketed , bucketing ) colloq
1 (also bucket down) intr said of rain: to pour down heavily.
2 (esp bucket along or down) now usu intr to drive or ride very hard or bumpily bucketing down the hill .
3 to put, lift or carry something in a bucket.
[13c: related to Anglo-French buket a pail, and Anglo-Saxon buc a pitcher]
kick the bucket see under kick.
rain buckets, weep buckets, etc to rain or weep, etc long, hard and continuously.

bucket seat
noun a small seat with a round back, for one person, eg in a car.

bucket shop
1 esp Brit, rather derog colloq a travel agent that sells cheap airline tickets, normally at the expense of the usual standards of reliability and insurance, etc.
2 chiefly US
a an office where a person may deal in shares, gamble on the money market, etc;
b a firm of stockbrokers with questionable or dishonest methods of dealing.
[19c; originally US, meaning -a shop or bar selling alcoholic drink from open buckets-, the drink therefore being of questionable origin]

noun (bucketfuls ) the amount a bucket can hold.

noun , colloq a large amount.
[Late 20c]

buckhorn or buck's horn
noun horn from a buck, used for making handles for knives, etc.

buckle pronunciación
1 a flat piece of metal or plastic, etc usually attached to one end of a strap or belt, with a pin in the middle which goes through a hole in the other end of the strap or belt to fasten it.
2 a curled, warped or bent condition.
verb (buckled , buckling ) tr & intr
1 to fasten or be fastened with a buckle.
2 said eg of metal: to bend or become bent out of shape, especially as a result of great heat or force.
[14c: from Latin buccula -the cheek-strap of a helmet-, literally -little cheek-]
buckled adjective .
buckle down to something colloq to begin working seriously on it.
buckle to or buckle down colloq to get down to some serious work.
buckle under to collapse or give in under strain.

1 hist a small round shield, usually with a raised centre.
2 literary someone or something that protects or shields.
[13c: from French bocler , from bocle a boss2]

Buckley's or Buckley's chance
noun , Aust & NZ colloq no chance at all He's got Buckley's of catching that train .
[19c: perhaps named after William Buckley, a convict who escaped in 1803 and lived for 32 years among the Aborigines before giving himself up]

noun , chem (formula C60) an almost spherical molecule in which each carbon atom is bonded to three others, so that the surface of the molecule consists of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Also called buckyball.
[1990s: named after Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895?1983), US engineer, who designed geodesic domes of similar structure]

noun cotton or linen stiffened with size2, used to line clothes or cover books, etc.
[13c in the form bukeram , meaning -a fine cotton or linen fabric-: perhaps ultimately named after Bukhara, a town in central Asia once noted for its textiles]

bucks party
noun , Aust & NZ a stag night.

abbreviation , English county Buckinghamshire.

adjective , adverb , slang free of charge; gratis.
[Early 20c, originally military slang: from baksheesh]

noun a large type of lead shot used in hunting.

1 the skin of a deer.
2 a soft strong greyish-yellow leather made from deerskin, or now often from sheepskin.
3 a strong smooth twilled woollen fabric.
4 (buckskins) breeches or a suit made of buckskin.

1 any of various northern temperate shrubs or small trees, especially a thorny deciduous shrub with bright-green oval toothed leaves and small yellowish-green sweetly-scented flowers followed by black berries.
2 the wood of this tree, formerly used to make charcoal.

noun a large front tooth which sticks out.
[18c: buck1 (n 1) + tooth]
bucktoothed adjective said of a person: having large projecting front teeth.

1 an erect fast-growing annual plant, native to Central Asia, with leathery spear-shaped leaves and terminal clusters of tiny pink or white flowers.
2 the greyish-brown triangular seeds of this plant, which are highly nutritious and can be cooked whole, or ground into flour and used to make bread, pancakes, porridge, etc.
[16c: from Dutch boekweit beech wheat, because the nuts are similar in shape to beechnuts]

noun , chem common name for buckminsterfullerene.

bucolic pronunciación
adjective concerned with the countryside or people living there; pastoral; rustic.
noun , literary a poem about the countryside or pastoral life.
[16c: from Greek boukolos herdsman]
bucolically adverb .


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