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broad pronunciación
adjective (broader , broadest )
1 large in extent from one side to the other The sink is two foot broad . Compare deep.
2 wide and open; spacious.
3 general, not detailed a broad inquiry .
4 clear; full in broad daylight .
5 strong; obvious a broad hint .
6 main; concentrating on the main elements rather than on detail the broad facts of the case .
7 tolerant or liberal take a broad view .
8 said of an accent or speech: strongly marked by local dialect or features broad Scots .
9 usually said of a joke or anecdote, etc: rather rude and vulgar.
10 econ said of money: belonging to one of the less liquid ( adjective 5) categories, eg money deposited in an account, etc so that it cannot be realized into cash without several months' notice. See M2.
1 N Am, offens slang a woman.
2 (the Broads) a series of low-lying shallow lakes connected by rivers in E Anglia.
3 the broad part of something.
[Anglo-Saxon brad ]
broadly adverb widely; generally broadly speaking I broadly agree .
broadness noun .
broad in the beam colloq said of a person: wide across the hips or buttocks
[Originally and literally used of a ship which is -wide in proportion to its length- (see beam, n 4)].
have broad shoulders said of a person: to be able to accept a great deal of responsibility.
it's as broad as it is long said of a situation or problem, etc: it makes no difference which way you look at it or deal with it, etc.

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