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adjective (brasher , brashest )
1 very loud, flashy or showy.
2 rude; impudent, overbearingly forward.
3 US reckless; impetuous.
brashly adverb .
brashness noun .

brass pronunciación
noun (pl brasses or when treated as plural in collective senses 3 and 6 brass )
1 an alloy of copper and zinc, which is strong and ductile, resistant to corrosion, and suitable for casting, used to make electrical fittings, screws, buttons, buckles, etc.
2 an ornament, tool or other object made of brass, or such objects collectively polish the brass once a month . See also brazier2.
3 (singular or plural noun )
a wind instruments made of brass, such as the trumpet and horn;
b the people who play brass instruments in an orchestra.
4 a piece of flat brass with a figure, design or name, etc on it, usually placed in a church in memory of someone who has died.
5 (also horse brass) a small flat brass ornament with a design on it, for a horse's harness.
6 (usu top brass or the brass) colloq people in authority or of high military rank collectively. See also brass hat.
7 (esp the brass or the brass neck) colloq overconfidence or effrontery; nerve had the brass neck to send me the bill .
8 colloq, esp N Eng money; cash.
adjective made of brass.
[Anglo-Saxon bræs ]
brassy see separate entry.
brassed off Brit slang fed up; annoyed.

brass band
noun a band consisting mainly of brass instruments.

brass hat
noun , Brit colloq a high-ranking military officer or other top official. Compare brass ( noun 6).
[19c: so called because of the gold trimming on the hats of senior staff officers]

brass neck see under brass

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