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bra pronunciación
noun (bras ) an undergarment worn by a woman to support and cover the breasts.
[1930s; short for brassière, and now the more commonly used word]
braless adjective said of a woman: not wearing a bra.

brace pronunciación
noun (braces )
1 (often in compounds ) a device, usually made from metal, which supports, strengthens or holds two things together wall brace orthopaedic brace .
2 (braces) Brit straps worn over the shoulders, for holding trousers up. US equivalent suspenders.
3 a wire device worn on the teeth (usually a child's teeth) to straighten them.
4 building , etc a tool used by carpenters and metalworkers to hold a bit2 and enable it to be rotated (see also brace and bit).
5 printing either of two symbols { or } used to connect lines, figures, staves of music, parts of text, etc, indicating that they are to be taken together (compare bracket noun 1, parenthesis).
6 (in pl also brace ) a pair or couple, especially of game birds.
7 naut a rope attached to a ship's yard1, used for adjusting the sails. See also mainbrace.
verb (braced , bracing )
1 to make something tight or stronger, usually by supporting it in some way.
2 (usu brace oneself) to prepare and steady oneself for a blow or shock, etc.
3 to tone up, stimulate or invigorate someone braced by the crisp November day . See also bracing.
[14c, meaning -a pair of arms-: from Latin brachium arm]
bracer noun .

También tienes: braze
brace and bit
noun a hand tool for drilling holes, consisting of a brace with the drilling bit2 in place.

bracelet pronunciación
1 a band or chain worn as a piece of jewellery round the arm or wrist.
2 (bracelets) slang handcuffs.
[15c: French from Latin brachium arm]

brachial pronunciación
adjective , technical
1 belonging or relating to the arm.
2 like an arm in function, structure, etc.

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