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box pronunciación 1
noun (boxes )
1 a container made from wood, cardboard or plastic, etc, usually square or rectangular and with a lid.
2 a boxful.
3 a in compounds a small enclosed area, shelter or kiosk, etc for a specified purpose telephone box sentry box witness box ;
b in a theatre, etc: a separate compartment for a group of people, containing several seats;
c (often horsebox) an enclosed area for a horse in a stable or vehicle.
4 an area in a field, pitch, road, printed page, etc marked out by straight lines.
5 (the box) Brit colloq
a the television;
b football the penalty box.
6 an individually allocated pigeonhole or similar container at a newspaper office or other agency, in which mail is collected to be sent on to, or collected by, the person it is intended for Reply to box number 318 . See also PO box.
7 (often in compounds ) a case or housing for protecting machinery, etc gearbox .
8 cricket , etc a lightweight padded shield to protect the genitals.
9 a gift of money given to tradesmen and ( formerly) servants a Christmas box .
10 a small country house or lodge, used as a base for some sports, eg a shooting box.
11 a raised seat for the driver on a carriage.
verb (boxes , boxed , boxing )
1 (also box something up) to put it into a box or boxes.
2 (esp box someone or something in or up) to stop them or it from moving about; to confine or enclose them or it.
3 (also box something up) Aust & NZ
a to mix up (different flocks of sheep) accidentally;
b colloq to make a mess or muddle of it.
4 (also box something up) to fit or provide it with a box or boxes.
[Anglo-Saxon: from Latin buxis , from Greek pyxis ]
boxed adjective contained in or provided with a box.
boxlike adjective .
box the compass naut to name all the 32 points of the compass in their correct order.

box pronunciación 2
verb (boxes , boxed , boxing )
1 tr & intr to fight with the hands formed into fists and protected by thick leather gloves, especially as a sport.
2 colloq to hit (especially someone's ears) with the fist, or sometimes the hand.
noun (boxes ) colloq (usu a box on the ears) a punch with the fist, or sometimes a cuff or slap, especially on the ears.
[16c as verb ; 14c, meaning -a blow-]
box clever colloq to act in a clever or cunning way; to be smart.

box pronunciación 3
noun (boxes )
1 (also boxtree) an evergreen shrub or small tree with small leathery paired leaves, glossy green above and paler underneath, and tiny green flowers lacking petals, widely used for hedging.
2 (also boxwood) the hard durable fine-grained yellow wood of this tree.
[Anglo-Saxon: from Latin buxus , from Greek pyxos ]

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