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bow pronunciación 1
verb (bowed , bowing )
1 (also bow down) to bend (the head or the upper part of the body) forwards and downwards bow one's head .
2 (also sometimes bow down before someone or something) intr to bend the head or the upper part of the body forwards and downwards, usually as a sign of greeting, respect, shame, etc or to acknowledge applause.
3 to express (eg thanks or acceptance) with a bow.
4 (usu bow to something) to accept or submit to it, especially unwillingly.
noun an act of bowing.
[Anglo-Saxon bugan to bend]
bow and scrape derog to behave with excessive politeness or deference.
take a bow to acknowledge applause or recognition.
bow out to stop taking part; to retire or withdraw.

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bow pronunciación 2
a a knot made with a double loop, to fasten the two ends of a lace, ribbon, or string, etc;
b a lace, ribbon or string, etc tied in such a knot;
c a looped knot of ribbons, etc used to decorate anything.
2 a weapon made of a piece of flexible curved wood or other material, bent by a string stretched between its two ends, for shooting arrows.
3 a long, thin piece of wood with horsehair stretched along its length, for playing the violin or cello, etc.
4 (also in compounds ) a single stroke or movement (up or down) of the bow while playing the violin or cello, etc up-bow down-bow .
5 anything which is curved or bent in shape, eg a rainbow.
verb (bowed , bowing )
1 tr & intr to bend or make something bend into a curved shape.
2 a to use a bow on (a violin or cello, etc);
b intr in playing a stringed instrument: to use the bow;
c to play (a passage, etc) with a specified kind of bowing;
d to make (written music) with up-bows and down-bows.
[Anglo-Saxon boga an arch or bow (in senses 2 and 5)]
bowing noun
1 the technique of using the bow when playing a stringed instrument.
2 a manner or style of using the bow.

También tienes: vow
bow pronunciación 3 naut
1 (often bows) the front part of a ship or boat.
2 rowing the rower nearest the bow.
[17c: from German dialect boog or Dutch boeg a ship's bow, or a shoulder]
on the bow within 45° of the point right ahead.

También tienes: vow
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