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bound pronunciación 1
1 tied with or as if with a rope or other binding.
2 in compounds restricted to or by the specified thing housebound snowbound .
3 obliged.
4 said of a book: fastened with a permanent cover.
verb , past participle of bind.
[14c, meaning -confined by bonds-, -in prison-]
bound to do something certain or obliged to do it It is bound to happen We are bound to comply I feel bound to help .
bound up with something closely linked with it.

bound pronunciación 2
1 a (usu bound for somewhere or something) on the way to or going towards it;
b following an adverb homeward bound .
2 in compounds going in a specified direction southbound homebound flight .
[13c, meaning -read- or -prepared-: from Norse buinn , past participle of bua to get ready]

bound pronunciación 3
1 (usu bounds) a limit or boundary, eg of that which is reasonable or permitted His arrogance knows no bounds .
2 (usu bounds) a limitation or restriction.
3 (bounds) land generally within certain understood limits; the district.
verb (bounded , bounding )
1 to form a boundary to or of something; to surround The river bounds the estate to the east .
2 to set limits or bounds to something; to restrict.
[13c in the form bunne or bodne , specifically for a landmark showing the limit of an estate, etc: ultimately from Latin bodina ]
out of bounds usually said of a place: not to be visited or entered, etc; outside the permitted area or limits.

bound pronunciación 4
1 a jump or leap upwards.
2 a bounce (eg of a ball) back from a solid surface.
verb (bounded , bounding ) intr
1 (often bound across, in, out, over or up, etc ) to spring or leap in the specified direction; to move energetically.
2 to move or run with leaps.
3 said of a ball: to bounce back from a solid surface.
[16c: from French bondir to spring]

boundary pronunciación
noun (boundaries )
1 a line or border marking the farthest limit of an area, etc.
2 a final or outer limit, often an immaterial limit, to anything the boundary of good taste .
3 the marked limits of a cricket field.
4 cricket
a a stroke that hits the ball across the boundary line, scoring four or six runs;
b the score for such a stroke.
[17c: from bound3]

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