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bottom pronunciación
1 the lowest position or part.
2 the point farthest away from the front, top, most important or most successful part the bottom of the garden bottom of the class .
3 the part of the body on which a person sits; the buttocks.
4 the base on which something stands or rests; the foundation.
5 (the bottom) the basic cause or origin get to the bottom of the problem .
6 the ground underneath a sea, river or lake.
7 the part of a ship which is under the water.
8 the seat of a chair.
9 solidity of character; importance or influence.
10 especially applied to a horse: staying power; stamina.
11 the fundamental character or ingredient.
adjective lowest or last the bottom rung of the ladder in bottom place .
verb (bottomed , bottoming )
1 to put a bottom on (a seat or container, etc).
2 usu intr said especially of a ship: to reach or touch the bottom.
3 (usu bottom something on or upon something) to base or ground it on something.
[Anglo-Saxon botm ]
at bottom in reality; fundamentally.
be at the bottom of something to be the basic cause of it.
from the bottom of one's heart very sincerely.
get to the bottom of something to discover the real cause of (a mystery or difficulty, etc).
the bottom has fallen out of the market there has been a sudden fall in the market demand (for some commodity or product, etc).
touch or hit bottom to reach the lowest point, eg in morale or personal circumstances.
bottom out said of prices, etc: to reach and settle at the lowest level, especially before beginning to rise again. US equivalent base out.

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