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book pronunciación
1 a number of printed pages bound together along one edge and protected by covers.
2 a piece of written work intended for publication.
3 (often in compounds ) a number of sheets of blank paper bound together exercise book autograph book .
4 (usu the books) a record or formal accounts of the business done by a company, society, etc.
5 a record of bets made with different people kept a book on whether it would snow .
6 (the book) colloq the current telephone directory.
7 (usu Book) a major division of a long literary work Book IX of Paradise Lost .
8 a number of stamps, matches or cheques, etc bound together.
9 (the book) an authoritative source of information on a given subject tried every trick in the book to get the car started .
10 (usu the Book) the Bible.
11 the words of an opera or musical.
verb (booked , booking )
1 tr & intr to reserve (a ticket, seat, etc), or engage (a person's services) in advance.
2 said of a police officer, traffic warden, etc: to record the details of (a person who is being charged with an offence).
3 football said of a referee: to enter (a player's name) in a notebook as a record of an offence or serious violation of the rules.
4 to enter (a person's name, etc) in a book or list.
[Anglo-Saxon boc ]
be booked up to have no more places or tickets available.
be in someone's good or bad books to be in or out of favour with them.
bring someone to book to punish them or make them account for their behaviour.
by the book strictly according to the rules.
in my book in my opinion.
on the books officially listed as a member, customer, etc.
suit someone's book to be what they want or like.
take a leaf out of someone's book to follow their example.
throw the book at someone see under throw.
book in esp Brit
1 to sign one's name on the list of guests at a hotel.
2 to report one's arrival at a hotel or conference reception desk, airport check-in, etc. N Am equivalent check in.
book someone in to reserve a place or room for them in a hotel, etc. N Am equivalent check in, check someone in.
book something up to fix and reserve in advance the tickets and other arrangements for (a holiday, show, meal, etc).

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