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bone pronunciación
1 the hard dense tissue that forms the skeleton of vertebrates, providing structural support for the body and serving as an attachment for muscles.
2 any of the components of the skeleton, made of this material.
3 (bones) the skeleton.
4 (chiefly one's bones) the body as the location of feelings or instincts I feel in my bones something is wrong .
5 a substance similar to human bone, such as ivory and whalebone, etc.
6 (bones) the basic or essential part.
verb (boned , boning )
1 to take bone out of (meat, etc).
2 to make (a piece of clothing, eg a corset or bodice) stiff by adding strips of bone or some other hard substance.
[Anglo-Saxon ban ]
boned adjective
1 having bones.
2 said of meat, etc: having the bones removed.
boneless adjective lacking bones; having the bones removed.
have a bone to pick with someone to have something to argue about with them.
make no bones about something
1 to admit or allow it without any fuss or hesitation.
2 to be quite willing to say or do it openly.
near or close to the bone colloq said of speech, etc:
1 upsettingly pointed or critical.
2 rather indecent or risqué.
to the bone
1 thoroughly and completely I was chilled to the bone .
2 to the minimum cut my living expenses to the bone .
work one's fingers to the bone to work very hard, until one is worn out.
bone up on something colloq to learn or collect information about (a subject).

bone china
noun a type of fine china or porcelain made from clay mixed with ash from bones burnt in air, known as bone ash.

bone marrow see under marrow

bone meal
noun dried and ground bones, used as a plant fertilizer and as a supplement to animal feed.

bone of contention
noun a matter over which there is disagreement.

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