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bolt pronunciación 1
1 a bar or rod that slides into a hole or socket to fasten a door or gate, etc.
2 a small thick round bar of metal, with a screw thread, used with a nut to fasten things together.
3 a sudden movement or dash away, especially to escape make a bolt for it .
4 a flash of lightning.
5 a short arrow fired from a crossbow.
6 a roll of cloth.
verb (bolted , bolting )
1 to fasten (a door or window, etc) with a bolt.
2 to fasten together with bolts.
3 to eat (a meal, etc) very quickly.
4 intr to run or dash away suddenly and quickly.
5 intr said of a horse: to run away out of control.
6 intr said of a plant: to flower and produce seeds too early, usually in response to low temperatures.
7 bot said of a biennial: to behave like an annual.
a bolt from the blue a sudden, completely unexpected and usually unpleasant, event
[19c: ie comparable to a thunderbolt coming out of a clear blue sky].
bolt upright absolutely straight and stiff.
have shot one's bolt to have made a last attempt to do something but to have failed
[17c: like an archer who has fired his last arrow].

También tienes: volt
bolt pronunciación 2 or boult
verb (bolted , bolting ; boulted , boulting )
1 to pass (flour, etc) through a sieve.
2 to examine, sift or investigate.
[13c: from French bulter ]

También tienes: volt
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