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boil pronunciación 1
verb (boiled , boiling )
1 intr said of a liquid: to change rapidly to a vapour on reaching a certain temperature (the boiling point), often with the formation of copious bubbles of vapour within the liquid.
2 intr said of a container, eg a kettle: to have contents that are boiling.
3 a to make (a liquid) reach its boiling point rapidly;
b to boil the contents of (a container).
4 tr & intr said of food: to cook or be cooked by heating in boiling liquid.
5 (sometimes boil something up) to bring (a liquid or its container) to a heat at which the liquid boils.
6 tr & intr said of food: to cook something or be cooked by boiling.
7 (usu be boiling) colloq
a to be very hot It's boiling in the car ;
b to be extremely angry.
8 to treat something with boiling water, especially to clean it.
9 intr said of the sea, etc: to move and bubble violently as if boiling.
noun (usu a boil or the boil) the act or point of boiling Give it a boil for five minutes Reduce the heat as soon as the liquid reaches the boil .
[13c: from French boillir , from Latin bullire to bubble]
come to the boil
1 to reach boiling point.
2 colloq to reach a critical point or state.
go off the boil
1 to stop boiling; to fall below boiling point.
2 colloq to cease to be active, interested or involved, etc.
boil away or down said of a liquid: to be lost or reduced by boiling.
boil something away or down to reduce (a liquid) by boiling.
boil down to something colloq to mean; to have it as the most important part or factor It all boils down to a question of cost .
boil over
1 said of a liquid: to boil and flow over the edge of its container.
2 colloq to speak out angrily.

boil pronunciación 2
noun a reddened and often painful swelling in the skin, containing pus, and usually caused by bacterial infection of a hair follicle.
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