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body pronunciación
noun (bodies )
1 the whole physical structure of a person or animal.
2 the physical structure of a person or animal excluding the head and limbs.
3 a corpse.
4 the main or central part of anything, such as the main part of a vehicle which carries the load or passengers.
5 a person's physical needs and desires as opposed to spiritual concerns.
6 a substantial section or group a body of opinion .
7 a group of people regarded as a single unit.
8 a quantity or mass a body of water .
9 a distinct mass or object; a piece of matter a heavenly body a foreign body .
10 applied to wine, music, etc: a full or strong quality or tone; fullness.
11 thickness; substantial quality.
12 the opacity of a paint or pigment.
13 a legless tight-fitting one-piece garment for women, fastening at the crotch. Also ( esp formerly) called bodysuit.
14 colloq a person.
verb (bodies , bodied , bodying ) (often body something out) to give it body or form.
[Anglo-Saxon in the form bodig ]
keep body and soul together often facetious to remain alive, especially not to die of hunger.
over my dead body see under dead.
in a body said of a number of people: all together; acting all together.

body bag
noun a bag made of heavy material, closed with a zip, in which a dead body, especially the body of a war casualty or accident victim, is transported.

body blow
1 boxing a blow to the body, ie the torso.
2 a serious setback or misfortune.

body clock see under biological clock

body language
noun , psychol the communication of information by means of conscious or unconscious gestures, attitudes, facial expressions, etc, rather than by speech.

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