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Lengua inglesa
board pronunciación
1 a long flat strip of wood.
2 (often in compounds ) a piece of material resembling this, made from fibres compressed together chipboard .
3 (often in compounds )
a a flat piece of wood or other hard solid material, used for a specified purpose or of a specified kind notice board ironing board blackboard ;
b a slab, table or other flat surface prepared for playing a game on chessboard dart-board .
4 thick stiff card used eg for binding books.
5 a person's meals, provided in return for money bed and board .
6 a an official group of people controlling or managing an organization, etc, or examining or interviewing candidates a board of examiners ;
b (also board of directors) a group of individual directors appointed by a company, who are collectively responsible for its management.
7 naut the side of a ship.
8 (the boards) a theatre stage tread the boards .
verb (boarded , boarding )
1 to enter or get onto (a ship, aeroplane, bus, etc).
2 (usu board something up) to cover (a gap or entrance) with boards.
3 intr
a to receive accommodation and meals in someone else's house, in return for payment I boarded with Mrs Green ;
b to receive accommodation and meals at school; to attend school as a boarder (sense 2).
4 to provide someone with accommodation and meals in return for payment.
5 (also board someone out) to arrange for them to receive accommodation and meals away from home.
[Anglo-Saxon bord ]
above board openly (see also separate entry above-board).
across the board see under across.
go by the board colloq to be given up or ignored
[From nautical usage, meaning to fall or be thrown over the side of a ship].
on board on or into a ship or aeroplane, etc.
sweep the board
1 to win everything or take all the prizes.
2 cards , betting to take (ie win) all the cards or money from the board (see noun 3b above).
take something on board to understand or accept (new ideas or responsibilities, etc).

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