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blue pronunciación
adjective (bluer , bluest )
1 with the colour of a clear cloudless sky; having any of the shades of this colour, which falls between green and violet on the spectrum.
2 sad or depressed. See also blues.
3 said of a film or joke etc: pornographic or indecent.
4 politically conservative.
5 with a skin which is pale blue or purple because of the cold or from bruising, etc.
1 the colour of a clear cloudless sky; any blue shade or hue.
2 blue paint or dye.
3 blue material or clothes.
4 a person who has been chosen to represent a college or university at sport, especially at Oxford or Cambridge.
5 Brit colloq a supporter of the Conservative Party.
6 Aust & NZ slang an argument or fight.
7 Aust & NZ colloq a mistake; a bloomer.
8 (Blue) Aust & NZ colloq a nickname commonly given to a person with red hair, especially a man.
9 (also washing-blue) a blue liquid or powder (such as indigo) used in laundering whites.
verb (blued , bluing or blueing )
1 to make something blue.
2 to treat (laundry, linen, etc) with blue.
[13c in the form blew : from French bleu ]
blueness noun .
bluer adjective .
bluish adjective .
do something till one is blue in the face to do it repeatedly but without any effect.
out of the blue without warning; unexpectedly.

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