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blood pronunciación
1 a fluid tissue that circulates in the arteries, veins, and capillaries of the body as a result of muscular contractions of the heart.
2 relationship through belonging to the same family or race, etc; descent of royal blood .
3 near family He's my own flesh and blood .
4 bloodshed or murder; violence When the ceasefire ends we shall see more blood .
5 temper; passion Watch out, his blood is up! See also humour (noun 6).
6 human nature, especially a person's innate or sensual nature.
7 a life or vitality; lifeblood;
b (esp new blood and young blood) a group of people seen as adding new strength, youth, young ideas, etc to an existing group.
8 Brit, old use a man, especially a rowdy or spirited young aristocrat.
verb (blooded , blooding )
1 hunting to give (a young hound) its first taste of a freshly killed animal.
2 to give someone the first experience of (war or battle, etc).
[Anglo-Saxon blod ]
after or out for someone's blood seeking revenge against them.
blood is thicker than water one's obligations and loyalty towards one's own family are more important than those towards other people.
in cold blood deliberately or cruelly; showing no concern or passion.
in one's or someone's blood in one's or their character.
make one's blood boil to make one extremely angry.
make someone's blood run cold to frighten or horrify them.
sweat blood or often sweat blood over something to work very hard; to put strenuous effort into it.

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