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block vote
noun a vote by a single delegate, eg at a trade-union conference, that is counted as the number of people that delegate represents.

noun the closing off of a port or region, etc by surrounding it with troops, ships and/or air-power, in order to prevent people or goods, etc from passing in and out.
verb (blockaded , blockading ) to impose a blockade on (a port or country, etc).
[17c: block + -ade as in other military vocabulary of French origin, eg enfilade ]

1 anything that causes a pipe or roadway, etc to be blocked.
2 the state of being blocked or the act of blocking.

noun , building plywood board made from thin strips of soft wood bonded together and enclosed by two outer layers of veneer.

noun , colloq
1 a highly popular and successful film, book or TV drama, etc.
2 a bomb powerful enough to destroy a whole block of buildings.
[1940s in sense 2]

1 a person or thing that blocks in any sense.
2 med (often in compounds ) a substance, used as a drug, that prevents the production or operation of some other substance in the body.
3 sport a player who blocks.

noun , derog colloq a stupid person.

1 a small shelter made from reinforced concrete, used as a protected observation post.
2 hist a small temporary fort.


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