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blind pronunciación
adjective (blinder , blindest )
1 not able to see.
2 (the blind) blind people as a group; people suffering from blindness (see the, sense 4b).
3 (always blind to something) unable or unwilling to understand or appreciate something blind to his faults .
4 unthinking; without reason or purpose blind hatred .
5 hidden from sight blind entrance .
6 not allowing sight of what is beyond blind summit .
7 said of flying, landing, navigating, etc: relying completely on instruments inside the aircraft, eg in darkness or poor visibility.
8 a having no openings or windows, etc blind wall ;
b blocked or walled up blind arch .
9 closed at one end blind alley .
10 said of a pastry case: cooked without a filling.
11 without preparation or previous knowledge blind testing .
12 said of a plant: failing to produce flowers.
1 blindly; without being able to see.
2 without having seen, tested or gained proper knowledge of the item concerned I can't believe that you bought the car blind .
1 a screen to stop light coming through a window, eg one which rolls up (a roller blind) or folds up (a Venetian blind) when not in use. N Am equivalent window shade.
2 a person, action or thing which hides the truth or deceives.
3 anything which prevents sight or blocks out light.
verb (blinded , blinding )
1 to make someone blind.
2 to make someone unreasonable or foolish, etc.
3 (usu blind someone with something) to confuse or dazzle them with it tried to blind me with science .
blindly and blindness see separate entries.
blind as a bat completely blind.
blind drunk colloq completely drunk.
not a blind bit of colloq not the slightest bit of; not any took not a blind bit of notice .
swear blind colloq to state with certainty or declare emphatically swore blind that he had already paid .
the blind leading the blind one inexperienced or incompetent person helping another one.
turn a blind eye to something to pretend not to notice it.

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