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blaze pronunciación 1
1 a bright strong fire or flame.
2 a brilliant display The garden was a blaze of colour .
3 a sudden and sharp bursting out of feeling or emotion.
4 an intense burst or spate a blaze of publicity (see also blaze3).
verb (blazed , blazing ) intr
1 to burn or shine brightly.
2 colloq to show great emotion, especially to be furious Keep out of her way ? she's still blazing .
3 (often blaze away) intr
a said of a person: to fire a gun rapidly and without stopping;
b said of a gun: to fire rapidly and without stopping.
[Anglo-Saxon blæse torch]
like blazes colloq with great speed, energy or enthusiasm.
what the blazes! an exclamation of surprise or bewilderment.
who or why or how the blazes? used to introduce questions of surprise or bewilderment Why the blazes didn't you tell me?

blaze pronunciación 2
1 a white mark or band on an animal's face.
2 a mark made on the bark of a tree, especially to show a route or path.
verb (blazed , blazing ) to mark (a tree or path, etc) with blazes.
[17c: perhaps related to Dutch bles and Norse blesi a white blaze on a horse's head]
blaze a trail
1 to be the first to do, study or discover something, etc.
2 literally to make marks on trees, etc along one's route or trail, so that others may follow behind.

blaze pronunciación 3
verb (blazed , blazing ) (esp blaze something abroad) to make (news or information) widely known; to proclaim or publicize it openly or loudly.
[14c in the obsolete sense -to blow (eg a horn)-, from Dutch blasen ]

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