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blast pronunciación
1 an explosion, or the strong shock-waves spreading out from it.
2 a strong sudden stream or gust (of air or wind, etc).
3 a sudden loud sound of a trumpet or car horn, etc.
4 a sudden and violent outburst of anger or criticism.
5 colloq, orig US a highly enjoyable or exciting event, occasion or activity, especially a party.
verb (blasted , blasting )
1 to blow up (a tunnel or rock, etc) with explosives.
2 tr & intr (esp blast out) to make or cause to make a loud or harsh sound Rock music blasted from the room .
3 to destroy or damage something severely and beyond repair blast one's hopes .
4 to criticize severely, or to rage or curse at something or someone.
5 to wither or cause something to shrivel up.
interjection (also blast it!) colloq expressing annoyance or exasperation, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon blæst ]
blaster noun .
at full blast at full power or speed, etc; with maximum effort or energy.
blast off said of a spacecraft: to take off from its launching pad.

blast furnace
noun a tall furnace that is used to extract iron from iron ores such as haematite and magnetite.

1 the moment at which a spacecraft or rocket-propelled missile is launched.
2 the launching of a spacecraft or rocket-propelled missile. See blast off at blast.

adjective , colloq
1 (often used as an intensifier) annoying; damned.
2 slang thoroughly drunk or high on drugs.
3 blighted.
adverb , colloq (used as an intensifier) extremely Do you have to go so blasted fast?

blasto- biol
combining form , denoting a sprout, bud or germ blastosphere .
[From Greek blastos bud]

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