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verb (blabbed , blabbing )
1 tr & intr (usu blab something out) to tell or divulge (a secret, etc).
2 intr to chatter foolishly or indiscreetly.
[16c: from 14c noun blabbe a chatterer, later meaning -idle talk-]
blabbing noun , adjective .

verb (blabbered , blabbering ) intr to talk nonsense, especially without stopping or without being understood; to babble.
noun a blabbermouth.

noun , slang, a person who talks foolishly and indiscreetly; someone who blabs.

black pronunciación
adjective (blacker , blackest )
1 having the darkest colour, the same colour as coal; reflecting no light.
2 without any light; totally dark.
3 (now usu Black) used of people: dark-skinned, especially of African, West Indian or Australian Aboriginal origin.
4 (usu Black) belonging or relating to Black people.
5 said of coffee or tea: without added milk.
6 angry; threatening black looks .
7 dirty; soiled came in from the garden with his hands black .
8 sad, gloomy or depressed; dismal a black mood .
9 promising trouble; likely to be bad in some way The future looks black .
10 wicked or sinister; grim or macabre black-hearted black comedy .
11 said of goods, etc: not allowed by a trade union to be handled, especially during a strike.
12 said of income, etc: not reported in tax returns; illicit.
1 the colour of coal, etc, the darkest colour, or absence of colour.
2 anything which is black in colour, eg a black chess piece.
3 (usu Black) a dark-skinned person, especially one of African, West Indian or Australian Aboriginal origin.
4 black clothes worn when in mourning.
5 a black pigment or dye.
6 (usu be in the black) the credit side of an account; the state of not being in debt. Compare red ( noun 6).
verb (blacked , blacking )
1 (also blacken) to make something black The men blacked their faces with soot .
2 to clean (shoes, etc) with black polish.
3 said of a trade union: to forbid work to be done on or with (certain goods).
[Anglo-Saxon blæc ]
blackly adverb in an angry or threatening way.
blackness noun .
in black and white
1 in writing or in print.
2 having or using no colours, only black and white.
in someone's black books in trouble or disgrace, or out of favour with them
[From the 16c; a black book was one in which the names of people deserving punishment were recorded].
in the black in credit; solvent; out of debt
[From the bookkeeping practice of writing in black ink on the credit side of a ledger].
black out said of a person: to lose consciousness.
black something out
1 to deprive it of light; to extinguish or cover (lights) in (a place).
2 to prevent (information) from being broadcast or published; to suppress (news, etc).

Black Africa
noun the part of Africa south of the Sahara desert, where the population is mainly Black.

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