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bit pronunciación 1
1 a small piece, part or amount of something.
2 Brit, old use, in compounds a coin, especially a small coin threepenny bit .
3 N Am (only two-bits, four bits or six bits) 121/2 cents (ie a quarter, a half, and three-quarters of a dollar, respectively). See also two-bit.
[Anglo-Saxon bita in obsolete sense -a portion of something bitten off at one time-; see bite]
a bit colloq
1 a short time or distance Wait a bit .
2 a little; slightly; rather feel a bit of a fool .
3 a lot takes a bit of doing .
a bit much or thick or rich colloq behaviour that is unacceptable, unreasonable or unfair.
a bit of all right colloq someone or something very much approved of.
a bit off Brit colloq rather unacceptable in terms of manners, taste or behaviour.
a bit of rough see under rough.
bit by bit gradually; piecemeal.
bit on the side see separate entry.
do one's bit colloq to do one's fair share.
not a bit or not a bit of it not at all; not to any extent.

bit pronunciación 2
1 a small metal bar which a horse holds in its mouth as part of the bridle with which it is controlled.
2 (also drill bit) a tool with a cutting edge, which can be fitted into a drill and turned at high speed. See also brace and bit.
3 the part of a key which connects with the lever in a lock.
[14c: from Anglo-Saxon bite an act of biting]
champ at the bit see under champ1.
take or get the bit between one's teeth to act decisively and with determination; to occupy or interest oneself keenly in something.

bit pronunciación 3
noun , comput a binary digit with a value of either 0 or 1, representing the smallest piece of information that can be dealt with by a computer.
[1940s: a contraction of binary digit ]

bit pronunciación 4 past tense of bite

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