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bird pronunciación
1 any member of a class of warm-blooded vertebrate animals characterized by the possession of feathers, front limbs modified to form wings, and projecting jaws modified to form a horny beak.
2 Brit slang, often considered offens a girl or woman.
3 Brit slang a prison sentence. See also do bird below.
4 (the bird) US slang an obscene gesture of contempt, dismissal or defiance, etc, using a raised middle finger. See also give someone the bird below.
5 colloq, old use a person, especially a strange or unusual one He's a funny old bird .
[Anglo-Saxon bridd young bird]
birder noun a birdwatcher.
birding noun bird-watching (see under birdwatcher).
birds of a feather Brit colloq people who are like each other
[16c, in the proverb -Birds of a feather (ie of the same species) flock together-].
do bird Brit slang to serve a prison sentence They did bird together at the Scrubs
[20c: short for bird-lime, rhyming slang for time (n 11)].
get the bird slang
1 said of a performer or entertainer, etc: to be hissed or jeered at, or booed, by an audience.
2 to be dismissed or sacked.
give someone the bird slang
1 chiefly Brit to criticize them severely or publicly.
2 US to make an obscene gesture of dismissal, etc at them (see noun 4 above).
go like a bird colloq said of a machine, especially a car: to run very fast and smoothly.
kill two birds with one stone see under kill.
strictly for the birds or for the birds esp US colloq worthless or unimportant.

bird of paradise
noun (birds of paradise )
1 any of various stout-billed brilliantly coloured birds, native to New Guinea and Australia, the male of which has elaborate plumage.
2 the bird of paradise flower.

bird of paradise flower
noun an evergreen perennial tropical plant, widely cultivated for its conspicuous flower-heads which resemble a bird of paradise in flight.

bird of passage
noun (birds of passage )
1 a bird that flies to different parts of the world as the seasons change; a migratory bird.
2 a person who constantly moves around and never settles in one place.

bird of prey
noun (birds of prey ) any of several types of bird that kill other birds and small mammals for food, eg the owl, hawk and eagle.

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