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bird pronunciación
1 any member of a class of warm-blooded vertebrate animals characterized by the possession of feathers, front limbs modified to form wings, and projecting jaws modified to form a horny beak.
2 Brit slang, often considered offens a girl or woman.
3 Brit slang a prison sentence. See also do bird below.
4 (the bird) US slang an obscene gesture of contempt, dismissal or defiance, etc, using a raised middle finger. See also give someone the bird below.
5 colloq, old use a person, especially a strange or unusual one He's a funny old bird .
[Anglo-Saxon bridd young bird]
birder noun a birdwatcher.
birding noun bird-watching (see under birdwatcher).
birds of a feather Brit colloq people who are like each other
[16c, in the proverb -Birds of a feather (ie of the same species) flock together-].
do bird Brit slang to serve a prison sentence They did bird together at the Scrubs
[20c: short for bird-lime, rhyming slang for time (n 11)].
get the bird slang
1 said of a performer or entertainer, etc: to be hissed or jeered at, or booed, by an audience.
2 to be dismissed or sacked.
give someone the bird slang
1 chiefly Brit to criticize them severely or publicly.
2 US to make an obscene gesture of dismissal, etc at them (see noun 4 above).
go like a bird colloq said of a machine, especially a car: to run very fast and smoothly.
kill two birds with one stone see under kill.
strictly for the birds or for the birds esp US colloq worthless or unimportant.

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