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bid pronunciación 1
verb (bid , bidding )
1 tr & intr to offer (an amount of money) when trying to buy something, especially at an auction.
2 tr & intr , cards to state in advance (the number of tricks one will try to win).
3 intr (esp bid for something) to state a price one will charge for work to be done.
1 an offer of an amount of money in payment for something, especially at an auction.
2 cards a statement of how many tricks one proposes to win.
3 colloq an attempt to obtain or achieve something a bid for freedom .
[Anglo-Saxon beodan meaning -to command- or -summon-]
bidder noun .
bidding see separate entry.
bid fair formal to seem likely.
bid in said of the owner of an item for sale at an auction: to make a bid that is greater than the highest offer (and so retain the item).
bid something up to raise its market price by some artificial means, eg by bids that are not genuine.

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bid pronunciación 2
verb (past tense bade , past participle bidden , present participle bidding ) formal, archaic or literary
1 to express (a wish or greeting, etc) We bid you welcome .
2 (with an imperative) to command someone (to do a specified thing) The king bade him kneel .
3 (often bid someone to something or to do something) to invite them to it, or to do it was bidden to the ceremony bid her to start .
[Anglo-Saxon biddan , meaning -to beg- or -to pray-]

También tienes: vid
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