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bet pronunciación
verb (bet or betted , betting )
1 tr & intr to risk (money or another asset) on predicting the outcome of an event, especially a race or other sporting event, in such a way that the better wins money if the prediction is accurate, and loses the stake2 if it is not.
2 (usu bet someone something) to make a bet of a specified amount with someone in particular She bet me a fiver you'd be late .
3 colloq to feel sure or confident I bet you're hungry .
1 an act of betting.
2 a sum of money, or other asset, betted.
3 colloq an opinion or guess My bet is that he's bluffing .
4 colloq a choice of action or way ahead Our best bet is to postpone the trip .
better or sometimes bettor noun a person who bets.
bet one's bottom dollar to bet all one has.
you bet slang certainly; definitely; of course.

También tienes: vet
beta pronunciación
noun (betas )
1 the second letter of the Greek alphabet. See table in the Supplement to this book.
2 a mark indicating the second highest grade or quality.
3 the second in a series, or the second of two categories or types.
[14c: Greek]

beta decay
noun , physics a form of radioactive decay in which a neutron in an atomic nucleus spontaneously breaks up into a proton (which remains within the nucleus) and an electron (which is emitted).

beta particle
noun , physics an electron or positron produced when a neutron inside an unstable radioactive nucleus turns into a proton, or a proton turns into a neutron.
[Early 20c]

beta ray
noun , physics a stream of beta particles.

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