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best pronunciación
adjective (superlative of good)
1 most excellent, suitable or desirable.
2 most successful, clever, able or skilled, etc.
3 the greatest or most took the best part of an hour .
adverb (superlative of well1)
1 most successfully or skilfully, etc Who did best in the test?
2 more than, or better than, all others I like her best Which hat looks best?
1 (the best) the most excellent or suitable person or thing; the most desirable quality or result, etc the best of the bunch .
2 the greatest effort; one's utmost Do your best .
3 a person's finest clothes Sunday best .
4 (the best) victory or success get the best of an argument .
5 (usu the best of something) a winning majority from (a given number, etc) the best of three .
verb (bested , besting ) colloq to beat or defeat someone.
[Anglo-Saxon betst ; 19c as verb ]
all the best! colloq a parting salutation wishing someone good luck, happiness, etc.
as best one can as well as one can.
at best considered in the most favourable way; in the best of circumstances.
at the best of times even in the most favourable circumstances.
best wishes often written in greetings cards, etc: wishing you happiness, success, etc.
for the best likely or intended to have the best results possible overall.
had best do something would find it wisest to do it You had best find out straight away .
make the best of something to do, etc as well as possible in unfavourable circumstances.
put one's best foot forward to make the best attempt possible.
the best bet or your, our, etc best bet colloq the (or your, our, etc) most promising course of action.
to the best of one's knowledge or belief or ability as far as one knows, or believes, or is able.
with the best of them as successfully or as well as anyone.

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