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noun , Scot especially in place names: a mountain or mountain peak Ben Nevis .
[18c: from Gaelic beann ]

noun , Scot the inner or better room or rooms of a house, which used to be reached through the but or kitchen.
preposition , adverb in, into or toward the inner or better room or rooms of (a house).
[14c as an adverb binne : from Anglo-Saxon binnan within]

bench pronunciación
noun (benches )
1 a long wooden or stone seat for seating several people.
2 a work-table for a carpenter, scientist, etc.
3 (the bench or the Bench)
a the place where the judge or magistrate sits in court;
b judges and magistrates as a group or profession. See also Queen's Bench.
4 sport especially in football and baseball: a seat for officials and reserve players, etc at a match.
5 Brit a seat in the House of Commons took his seat in the back benches . See also backbench, front bench.
verb (benches , benched , benching )
1 to provide or furnish something with benches.
2 to place something on a bench or benches, especially to exhibit (eg a dog) on a viewing platform at a show.
3 sport , esp N Am to take (a player) out of a game, because of injury, an infringement, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon benc ]
on the bench
1 said of a person: holding the office of, or officiating as, a judge or bishop.
2 said of a football player: listed as a substitute.
raise someone to the bench to make them a judge or a bishop.

bench press
noun an exercise in which one lies on a bench with the feet on the floor and raises a weight from chest level to arm's length.

1 Brit a senior member of an Inn of Court.
2 a person who sits on a bench in some official capacity.

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