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bell pronunciación 1
1 a deep hollow, usually metal, object, rounded at one end and wide and open at the other, which makes a ringing sound when struck by the small hammer or clapper fixed inside it.
2 any other device which makes a ringing or buzzing sound, eg an electric doorbell.
3 the sound made by such an object or device.
4 Brit colloq a telephone call Give me a bell soon .
5 naut the ringing of a bell on board ship to tell the number of half-hours that have passed in a four-hour watch See me at six bells .
6 anything shaped like a bell.
verb (belled , belling ) to attach or fit a bell to something.
[Anglo-Saxon belle ]
bell the cat to do something daring and dangerous
[18c: from the fable in which mice plan to hang a bell around the cat's neck to warn of her approach, if a mouse could be found brave enough to do this].
ring a bell see under ring2.

bell pronunciación 2
verb (belled , belling ) intr said of a stag at rutting-time: to bellow with a loud roaring cry.
noun this cry made by a rutting stag (see rut2).
[Anglo-Saxon bellan to roar]

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