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beam pronunciación
1 a long straight thick piece of wood or steel, used eg as a main structural component in a building.
2 a ray or shaft of light the beam of a torch .
3 a broad radiant smile.
4 the widest part of a ship or boat.
5 one of the transverse timbers extending across the hull of a ship.
6 a raised narrow horizontal wooden bar on which gymnasts perform balancing exercises.
7 physics a directed flow of electromagnetic radiation (eg radio or X-rays) or of particles (eg atoms or electrons).
8 the part of a set of scales from which the weighing-pans hang.
9 weaving either of the two wooden or metal cylinders in a loom.
10 the main shaft of a deer's antler, or of a plough, anchor, etc.
verb (beamed , beaming )
1 intr to smile broadly with pleasure.
2 intr (often beam down or out) to shine.
3 to send out or transmit (eg rays of light, radio waves, etc).
[Anglo-Saxon, meaning -tree-]
beaming adjective , noun .
broad in the beam see under broad.
off beam colloq wrong; misguided.
on one's beam ends Brit colloq having only a very small amount of money or resources left; dangerously close to ruin or destitution
[19c, from nautical use: in severe gale conditions a sailing ship would be laid right over on her side, where the transverse timbers (ie the beams) end].
on the beam colloq on the right track.
on the port or starboard beam naut on the left or right side of a ship.
beam up or down in science fiction: to transport by means of an electronic -beam- from one place to another, eg from a planet to a spaceship (or vice versa) Beam me up, Scotty .
[20c: originally used in the TV science-fiction series Star Trek ].

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