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bay pronunciación 1
noun (bays ) a body of water that forms a wide-mouthed indentation in the coastline. Compare gulf (sense 1).
[14c: from French baie ]

También tienes: ball
bay pronunciación 2
noun (bays )
1 an enclosed or partly enclosed area within a building, vessel, etc for storage or some other purpose.
2 in compounds a compartment for storing or carrying, eg in an aircraft bomb bay .
3 a (also parking bay) a space for parking a vehicle;
b a loading bay.
4 a small area of a room set back into a wall. See also bay window.
5 Brit a section of side track in a railway station, especially one where a branch line terminates.
[14c, meaning -an opening in a wall- or -space between two columns-: from French baer to gape]

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bay pronunciación 3
adjective said of a horse: reddish-brown in colour, usually with black mane and tail.
noun (bays ) a bay-coloured horse.
[14c: from Latin badius chestnut-coloured]

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bay pronunciación 4
noun (bays )
1 any of various evergreen trees of the laurel family with shiny dark-green leaves, especially a species whose dried leaves ( bayleaves) are used in cookery for flavouring. Also called bay tree, sweet bay.
2 any of various other trees and shrubs, such as magnolias.
3 (usu bays) a wreath of bay leaves, traditionally worn on the head by champions in some competitions, etc.
[15c in obsolete sense -berry- (especially that of the bay tree): from Latin baca ]

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bay pronunciación 5
verb (bayed , baying )
1 intr said especially of large dogs: to make a deep howling bark or cry, especially when hunting.
2 intr said of a crowd, etc: to howl or shout loudly and with a deep menacing tone.
3 said especially of large dogs: to bay or howl at something bay the moon .
4 to utter something by baying baying their welcome .
5 to bring (a hunted animal) to bay.
noun (bays ) the baying sound of a dog, etc.
[14c: from French abai barking; originally an imitation of the sound]
at bay said of a hunted animal: not able to escape, but forced to face its attacker or attackers.
bring something or someone to bay to trap it or them; to get (one's prey or opponent) into a position that leaves them no way out.
keep something or someone at bay
1 to fight it or them off; to keep it or them from overwhelming (usually oneself) keeping poverty at bay some soup to keep the cold at bay .
2 to keep it or them at a distance The boxer kept his opponent at bay .

También tienes: ball
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