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verb (battered , battering )
1 tr & intr to strike or hit something or someone hard and often, or continuously.
2 to damage or wear something through continual use.
[14c: from French battre to beat]
battered adjective
1 said of a person: suffering repeated violence from someone else, especially from a partner or parent battered baby .
2 said of an object: damaged or worn, through continual use a battered old raincoat .
battering noun a beating.

noun a mixture of eggs, flour and either milk or water, beaten together and used in cooking, eg to coat fish or to make pancakes.
[15c: probably from batter1]
battered adjective said of fish or other food: coated in batter and deep-fried.

noun , esp baseball a person who bats or is batting. See also batsman.

noun a large wooden beam with a metal head, formerly used in war for breaking down walls or gates.

battery pronunciación
noun (batteries )
1 a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy in the form of direct current, eg a car battery, or a dry battery used as a portable energy source in a torch, etc. See also dry cell, electrolytic cell.
2 a number of similar things kept, used, arranged or encountered together On the table lay a whole battery of surgical instruments .
3 a a long line of small tiered cages in which hens are kept, arranged so that the eggs they lay run down into wire containers outside the cages;
b a similar arrangement of compartments for the intensive rearing of any other animal.
4 law intentional physical attack on a person, including touching the clothes or body in a threatening manner, not necessarily involving damage. See also assault and battery.
5 a a group of heavy guns with their equipment;
b the place where they are mounted.
6 a unit of artillery or its personnel.
[16c: from French batterie , from battre to strike or beat]

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