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batch pronunciación 1
(batches ) 1 a number of things or people dealt with at the same time a batch of loaves saw another batch of applicants today .
2 in banking:
a a number of credit items and the corresponding debit items listed to ensure that the totals of each agree;
b (the batch) the process of listing and agreeing the items in such a batch This cheque hasn't been through the batch yet .
verb (batches , batched , batching )
1 to arrange or treat something in batches.
2 comput to deal with (data) by batch processing.
[15c in the form bache , meaning -a baking- or -a quantity of bread baked in one baking-, from Anglo-Saxon bacan to bake]

batch pronunciación 2
verb (batches , batched , batching ) intr , Aust & NZ colloq said of a man: to cook and clean, etc for himself.
[19c: from bach short for bachelor]

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