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bat pronunciación 1
1 a shaped piece of wood, with a flat or curved surface, for hitting the ball in cricket, baseball, table-tennis, etc. Compare racket1.
2 chiefly cricket a batsman or batswoman.
3 a flat round short-handled signalling device used by a batsman (sense 2) to guide aircraft on the ground.
4 a quick and usually gentle or inoffensive blow with a flat hand or other flat-sided object, etc.
verb (batted , batting )
1 intr , cricket , baseball , etc to take a turn at hitting a ball with a bat; to have an innings get a chance to bat before lunch .
2 to hit something with, or as if with, a bat.
[Anglo-Saxon batt club or stick]
off one's own bat unaided.

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bat pronunciación 2
noun any of numerous species of small nocturnal mammals which have a fur-covered body and membranous wings, and in most cases hunt for food in darkness by relying mainly on echolocation.
[16c; 14c in the form bakke ]
have bats in the belfry colloq to be crazy or slightly mad. See also bats, batty.
like a bat out of hell colloq very fast.

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bat pronunciación 3
verb (batted , batting ) to open and close (one's eyelids) very quickly, usually to attract sympathy or admiration batted her eyelashes coyly at him .
[17c as a variant of bate (used of a hawk) to flutter or flap (when on the leash)]
not bat an eye or eyelid colloq to show no surprise or emotion He didn't bat an eye when he heard the news .

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