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bass pronunciación 1
noun (basses ) music
1 the lowest male singing voice.
2 a singer with such a voice.
3 a musical part written for such a voice or for an instrument of the lowest range.
4 colloq a bass instrument, especially a bass guitar or a double-bass.
5 a low frequency sound as output from an amplifier, etc The bass is too heavy on this track ;
b a knob or dial that adjusts this sound fiddled with the bass on the stereo .
adjective said of a musical instrument, voice or sound: low in pitch and range.
[15c in the form bas (see etymology of base2): the Italian form basso later influenced the spelling in musical contexts]

bass pronunciación 2
noun (bass or basses )
1 a marine fish, found in European coastal waters, which has a greenish-grey body with silvery sides and spiny fins.
2 any of various similar freshwater and marine fishes, especially N American species.
[16c in the form bace : from Anglo-Saxon bærs perch]

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