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bar pronunciación 1
1 a block of some solid substance bar of soap .
2 a rod or long piece of a strong rigid material used as a fastening, weapon, obstruction, etc.
3 anything that prevents, restricts or hinders, such as a non-physical barrier colour bar a bar on alcohol .
4 a line or band of colour or light, etc, especially a stripe on a heraldic shield.
5 a room or counter in a restaurant or hotel, etc, or a separate establishment, where alcoholic drinks are sold and drunk.
6 in compounds a small café where drinks and snacks are served coffee bar snack bar .
7 in compounds a counter where some specified service is available a heel bar .
a (also bar-line) a vertical line marked on music, dividing it into sections of equal value;
b one of these sections.
9 the rail in a law court where the accused person stands.
10 (the Bar) the profession of barristers and advocates.
11 a raised area of sand, mud or stones, etc at the mouth of a river or harbour.
12 an addition to a medal, usually to show that it has been won more than once DSO and bar .
verb (barred , barring )
1 to fasten something with a bar.
2 (often bar someone from something) to forbid, prohibit, prevent them from entering (eg a place or event), doing something, etc The landlord barred him for a month .
3 to hinder, obstruct or prevent someone's progress tried to bar his way .
4 to mark something with a stripe or bar.
preposition except; except for CID have now interviewed every suspect, bar one . See also barring.
[12c: from French barre ]
be called to the Bar in the UK: to be admitted as a barrister or advocate.
behind bars in prison.

bar pronunciación 2
noun , physics , meteorol , etc in the metric system: a unit of pressure, especially atmospheric pressure, 10 5 newtons per square metre. See also millibar.
[Early 20c: from Greek baros weight]

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