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bank pronunciación 1
1 a financial organization which keeps money in accounts for its clients, lends money, exchanges currency, etc.
2 a box in which money can be saved, especially by children. See also piggy bank.
3 (also in compounds ) a place where something is stored or collected for later use blood bank databank .
4 in some games: a stock of money controlled by one of the players (the banker1).
verb (banked , banking )
1 to put (money) into a bank.
2 intr to have a bank account They bank with Lloyds .
[15c, meaning -a moneylender's shop-: from French banque ]
break the bank in gambling: to win from eg a casino the sum of money fixed as the limit it is willing to lose in any one day.
bank on something to rely on it or expect it.

bank pronunciación 2
1 the side or slope of a hill.
2 (also in compounds ) the ground at the edge of a river or lake, etc.
3 a long raised pile of earth or snow, etc.
4 (also sandbank) a raised area of sand under the sea.
5 a mass of cloud, mist or fog.
verb (banked , banking )
1 tr & intr (often bank up) to form into a bank or banks.
2 to enclose something with a bank, or form a bank to it.
3 tr & intr said of an aircraft: to change direction, with one wing higher than the other.
4 (also bank up) to cover (a fire) with a large amount of coal to keep it burning slowly for a long time.

bank pronunciación 3
noun a collection of similar things arranged in rows a bank of switches .
[16c: from French banc bench]

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