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bang pronunciación 1
1 a sudden loud explosive noise.
2 a heavy blow.
3 coarse slang an act of sexual intercourse.
4 slang an injection of an illegal drug.
verb (banged , banging ) tr & intr
1 to make, or cause something to make, a loud noise by hitting, dropping or closing it violently, etc went out and banged the door behind her .
2 to hit something sharply, especially by accident banged her elbow on the table .
3 to make, or cause something to make, the sound of an explosion.
4 coarse slang to have sexual intercourse with someone.
adverb , colloq
1 exactly bang on time .
2 suddenly.
[16c: from Norse banga to hammer]
bang goes something colloq that is the end of it Bang go my chances of promotion .
bang on colloq exactly on target; exactly as required.
bang one's head against a brick wall to waste one's time trying to achieve something that has little or no chance of success.
go with or go off with a bang to be a great success.
bang on colloq to speak at great length about something, especially repetitively and boringly forever banging on about what he did in the war .
bang someone up slang to imprison them; to shut them up in a cell.

bang pronunciación 2 N Am, esp US
noun (usu bangs) hair cut in a straight line across the forehead. Brit equivalent fringe.
verb (banged , banging ) to cut the hair in this way.
[19c: probably from bangtail a short tail]

1 colloq a sausage.
2 colloq an old car, usually one that is noisy and in poor condition.
3 a loud firework.

Bangla see under Bengali

noun a piece of jewellery in the form of a solid band, worn round the arm or leg.
[18c: from Hindi bangri glass ring]

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