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balaclava pronunciación or balaclava helmet
noun (balaclavas ) a warm knitted hat that covers the head and neck, with an opening for the face.
[19c: from Balaklava in the Crimea, in southern Ukraine]

noun (balalaikas ) a Russian stringed musical instrument with a triangular body, a neck like a guitar, and normally three strings.
[18c: Russian]

balance pronunciación
1 a state of physical stability in which the weight of a body is evenly distributed.
2 an instrument for weighing, usually with two dishes hanging from a bar supported in the middle.
3 the amount by which the two sides of a financial account (money spent and money received) differ.
4 an amount left over.
5 a state of mental or emotional stability.
6 a state existing when two opposite forces are equal.
7 something that is needed to create such equality.
8 a device which regulates the speed of a clock or watch. verb ( balanced , balancing )
1 tr & intr to be in, or put something into, a state of physical balance.
2 (often balance something against something else) to compare two or more things in one's mind; to compare their respective advantages and disadvantages.
3 to find the difference between money put into an account and money taken out of it, and to make them equal balance the books .
4 intr (also balance out) to be or become equal in amount.
[14c as noun 2: from Latin bilanx having two scales]
in the balance not yet decided.
on balance having taken all the advantages and disadvantages into consideration.

También tienes: valance
balance of payments
noun , econ the difference in value between the amount of money coming into a country and the amount going out of it, over a period of time.

balance of power
noun the equal distribution of political or military power, with no one nation or group having supremacy.
hold the balance of power to be in a position where either of two equal and opposed groups or individuals can be made more powerful than the other through one's support.

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