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bag pronunciación 1
1 a container made of a soft material with an opening at the top, for carrying things.
2 a bagful.
3 a pouch-like area of skin below the eye.
4 an amount of fish or game caught.
5 (bags, esp bags of something) colloq a large amount of something.
6 offens colloq a woman, especially an unpleasant or ugly one.
7 (bags) loose wide-legged trousers.
8 slang a quantity of drugs, especially heroin, in a paper or other container.
bag and baggage completely clear out bag and baggage .
in the bag colloq as good as secured or done.

bag pronunciación 2
verb (bagged , bagging )
1 tr & intr (also bag something up) to put something into a bag.
2 to kill (game) bagged six pheasants .
3 colloq to obtain or reserve (a seat, etc).
4 tr & intr said especially of clothes: to hang loosely or bulge.
[15c: in the nautical sense (of a sail) -to swell out or bulge-: from bag1]
bags I or bags or bagsy children's slang I want to do or have, etc (the thing specified); I lay claim to it Bags I sit in the front .

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