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bad pronunciación
adjective (worse , worst ; slang badder , baddest )
1 not good.
2 wicked; immoral.
3 naughty.
4 (bad at something) not skilled or clever (at some activity).
5 (bad for someone) harmful to them.
6 unpleasant; unwelcome.
7 rotten; decayed.
8 serious; severe a bad cold .
9 unhealthy; injured; painful a bad leg .
10 sorry, upset or ashamed feel bad about what happened .
11 not valid; worthless a bad cheque .
12 slang very good.
adverb , N Am colloq badly; greatly; hard needs the money bad .
1 evil; badness take the good with the bad .
2 unpleasant events.
badly and badness see separate entries.
go bad said especially of food: to spoil; to become rotten or rancid.
go to the bad said of a person: to become morally bad.
in a bad way
1 very ill.
2 in serious trouble.
not bad colloq quite good.
not half bad colloq very good.
take the bad with the good to accept unpleasant facts or events along with pleasant ones.
too bad colloq unfortunate (often used to dismiss a problem or unsatisfactory situation that cannot, or will not, be put right) She's still not happy with it, but that's just too bad .

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