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back pronunciación
a the rear part of the human body from the neck to the base of the spine;
b the spinal column itself.
2 the upper part of an animal's body.
3 the part of an object that is opposite to or furthest from the front The back of the house faces north .
4 the side of an object that is not normally seen or used.
5 the upright part of a chair.
6 sport a player whose usual position is behind the forwards (see forward noun ), and who in most sports is a defender, but who (eg in rugby) may also attack.
1 located or situated behind or at the back through the back door .
2 concerning, belonging to or from an earlier date back pay .
3 away from or behind something, especially something more important back roads .
1 to or towards the rear; away from the front.
2 in or into an original position or condition when I get back from holiday .
3 in return or in response hit back .
4 in or into the past look back to happier days .
verb (backed , backing )
1 to help or support someone or something, usually with money.
2 tr & intr (usu back away, out or out of something, or back up) to move or cause something to move backwards, away from or out of something.
3 to bet on the success of (a horse, etc).
4 (sometimes back someone or something up) to provide a back or support for them.
5 to accompany (a singer) with music.
6 to lie at the back of something.
7 intr , naut said of the wind: to change direction anticlockwise. Compare veer.
8 to countersign or endorse (eg a cheque).
[Anglo-Saxon bæc ]
back to front
1 with the back where the front should be.
2 in the wrong order.
get off someone's back colloq to stop annoying or troubling them.
have one's back to the wall colloq to be in a very difficult or desperate situation.
put one's back into something colloq to carry out (a task) with all one's energy.
put someone's back up colloq to make them annoyed or resentful.
see the back of someone or something colloq to be rid of or finished with (them or it).
the back of beyond a very remote isolated place.
back down to concede an argument or claim, especially under pressure or opposition.
back off
1 to move backwards or retreat.
2 to back down.
back onto something said of a building, etc: to have its back next to or facing it.
back out of something to withdraw from (a promise or agreement, etc).
back someone up to support or assist them.
back something up to copy (computer data) onto a disk or tape. See also backup.
back up on something Aust to repeat (an action) immediately.

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