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avadavat or amadavat
noun a small Indian songbird related to the weaverbirds.
[17c: from Ahmadabad , the name of a town in Gujarat]

verb (availed , availing )
1 tr & intr to help or be of use.
2 (avail oneself of something) to make use of it or take advantage of it.
noun use; advantage.
[14c: from French valoir to be worth, from Latin valere to be strong]

1 able or ready to be obtained or used.
2 colloq not romantically or sexually involved with anyone.
availability noun .
availably adverb .

avalanche pronunciación
1 the rapid movement of a large mass of snow or ice down a mountain slope under the force of gravity.
2 a sudden appearance or onslaught of a large number of people or things or a large amount of something an avalanche of criticism .
verb (avalanched , avalanching ) intr to come down like an avalanche.
[18c: French]

noun the writers, painters, musicians, etc whose ideas and techniques are considered the most modern or advanced of their time, regarded collectively.
adjective said of a work of art, idea, movement, etc: characterized by daring modernity; innovative.
[15c: French, meaning -vanguard-]
avant-gardism noun .
avant-gardist or avant-gardiste noun .

noun excessive desire for money, possessions, etc; greed.
[14c: from Latin avaritia , from avere to crave]
avaricious adjective .
avariciously adverb .
avariciousness noun .

1 Hinduism the appearance of a god, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.
2 the visual manifestation of something abstract.
3 an icon or other visual image representating a person in virtual reality or cyberspace.
[18c: from Sanskrit ava down + tarati he passes over]

Ave1 or Av.
abbreviation used in addresses: Avenue.

Ave2 or Ave Maria
noun (Aves or Ave Marias ) a prayer to the Virgin Mary. See also hail Mary.
[13c: Latin, meaning -Hail Mary-, the opening words of the angel's greeting to Mary in Luke 1.28]

avenge pronunciación
verb (avenged , avenging ) to carry out some form of retribution for (some previous wrong-doing).
[14c: from French avengier , from Latin vindicare to claim as one's own]
avenger noun .

avenue pronunciación
noun (avenues )
a a broad road or street, often with trees along the sides;
b (Avenue) a street title in an address.
2 a tree-lined approach to a house.
3 a means, way or approach.
[17c: French, from Latin venire to come]

verb (averred , averring )
1 to state firmly and positively.
2 law to make a formal allegation in court.
[14c: from French averer , from Latin verus true]

average pronunciación
1 the usual or typical amount, extent, quality, number, etc.
2 stats any number that is representative of a group of numbers or other data, especially the arithmetic mean, which is equal to the sum of a set of n numbers, divided by n . Same as mean3 (sense 2a). Compare median (sense 3), mode (sense 5).
3 cricket
a the mean number of runs that a batsman scores in a single innings. Also called batting average;
b the mean number of runs per wicket conceded by a bowler in a tour, season, etc. Also called bowling average.
1 usual or ordinary an average sort of a day .
2 estimated by taking an average of average height .
3 mediocre gave a pretty average performance .
verb (averaged , averaging )
1 to obtain the numerical average of (several numbers).
2 to amount to on average Her speed averaged 90mph on the motorway .
[15c: from Arabic awariya damaged goods]
on average usually; normally; typically.
average out to result in an average or balance It averaged out at 3 each .

adjective (always averse to something) reluctant about or opposed to it.
[16c: from Latin aversus , from ab away from + vertere to turn]
aversely adverb .
averseness noun .

averse A word sometimes confused with this one is adverse.

aversion pronunciación
1 a strong dislike.
2 something or someone that is the object of strong dislike.

aversion therapy
noun , psychiatry a form of behaviour therapy that aims to eliminate an undesirable habit or a compulsive form of behaviour by repeatedly linking it with an unpleasant stimulus, eg by linking the taste of alcohol with feelings of nausea.

verb (averted , averting )
1 to turn away avert one's eyes .
2 to prevent (especially danger) Quick reactions averted the accident .
[15c: from Latin avertere , from ab away from + vertere to turn]

noun the holy scriptures of Zoroastrianism.
[Early 19c]

Avestan or Avestic
noun an ancient language that belongs to the Iranian group of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family of languages.
[Early 19c]

noun a type of Greek soup made from chicken stock, lemon juice and egg yolks.
[1960s: from Modern Greek augo egg + lemono lemon]

adjective belonging, relating or referring to birds.
[19c: from Latin avis bird]

noun (aviaries ) a large enclosed area where birds are kept.
[16c: from Latin aviarium , from avis bird]
aviarist noun .

aviation pronunciación
1 the science or practice of mechanical flight through the air, especially by powered aircraft.
2 the production, design and operation of aircraft.
3 the aircraft industry.
[19c: from Latin avis bird]

aviator pronunciación
noun , old use an aircraft pilot.

aviculture ,
noun the care and rearing of birds.
[19c: from Latin avis bird + cultura tending]
aviculturist noun .

adjective very enthusiastic.
[18c: from Latin avidus , from avere to crave]
avidity noun .
avidly adverb .
avid for something eagerly wanting it.

noun a protein found in egg-white, which combines with biotin in such a way that it prevents the biotin from being absorbed.
[1940s: from avid + biotin ]

noun the bird-life of a specific area.
[19c: from Latin avis bird + fauna]
avifaunal adjective .

singular noun the scientific study of the development and use of electronic and electrical devices for aircraft and spacecraft.
plural noun the electrical and electronic equipment that is on board an aircraft or spacecraft or that is used in connection with controlling its flight.
[1940s: from aviation, modelled on electronics]

1 automatic vending machine.
2 Brit Air Vice-Marshal.

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